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About the music:

 This music is for personal enjoyment only. I've enjoyed doing the sequences and only ask that you respect that and do not modify them other than to make them play properly with your equipment (patches, etc.Please do not modify a sequence of mine and re-post it.  Oh - and check out my band's page Highway 61 Band.

About the album-length MIDI files:

They are large for MIDI files (400kB - 500kB). My old 486 with 16MB of ram didn't have any problems playing them in Windows 3.1 or 95, though I've noticed they won't play in DOS players which don't make use of extended memory. I hope they work ok on yours. The run times of the files are 30 to 60 minutes... As I keep sequencing and get close to the completion of all songs of other albums, I plan to expand these selections...

About my method of sequencing:

I don't play keyboards (wish I did). My main instrument is the guitar. MIDI, in general, is very friendly to keyboard players. When I began getting interested in MIDI, guitar MIDI was (and still is) expensive and in-exact. I use a mouse to place the notes for each part played. I construct a sequence note-by-note in this manner.

I used to use a somewhat complex method... a piece of DOS software for graphical note entry on a musical staff. The limitation of the software was it's inability to deal with more than 8 simultaneous notes. My SoundCanvas can (supposedly) handle 28 notes. The work around was to split my original files into parts, using a common track or 2 as baseline. I used the bass and lead as my references, then add guitar parts, piano lines, etc. I then converted the separate files to standard .MID files and switched to a good Windows based sequencer called WinJammer Pro, where I merge the separate .MID files together into the total song. I used WJP to tweak the dynamics, timings, and effects like fade in's, fade out's, reverb, chorus, etc. to finish the sequence up. But now I have abandoned my old ways and use WinJammer Pro to create the MIDs. I do still tend to work on one line at a time, to maintain a continuity to the part. Bass and Drums are still the "backbone" of a combo type of piece.

I can usually do about a sequence a week with these methods. I mainly twiddle with this at night and weekends when I have the time... hope you enjoy the tunes. If you want to use my MIDIs on your site, please click here.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me.  If you want to keep up to date with what's new on my site, join the mailing list by submitting your email address. 

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